Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Tomasz Ludward 30.04.2019 0 Read more

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Welcome to Fixmakers’ blog – a place that is a thoughtful guide for all those who are wondering about how to design a website. Our idea is to guide you through this process so that your journey can be smooth, enjoyable, and what’s important – understandable. Well, you don’t need to be a techie to figure out our web design tips, so put your panic on hold – you will not be cracking anything here. On our blog, you will get an overview of the necessary aspects related to website design. And, as we know that theory is not necessarily thrilling, we balance it with a powerful dose of practice. For example, under the Fix of the week category, we show you step by step how we have solved bugs on our clients' websites. What else should you be prepared for? Well, the WordPress is our jam, so we will pelt you with CMS tips, WordPress ideas, and the like. We are ready to make your website shine, and you?