How to deal with WordPress management when a crisis hits your client’s page? [part 2/2]

Grzegorz Rogoziński 20.09.2018 0 Read more


Website bugs sound scary. But they happen to every page and can appear at any time. Running a page, you will probably come across the so-called white screen of death, data connection error, not sending emails issue, and the like. Some such website problems may need a professional help but a large part of them can be fixed by yourself. Under this category of our blog, we will walk you through the process of repairing annoying bugs on your page. Don’t worry if you are not a computer geek – we will illustrate the most important steps with helpful screenshots. Did your website get down so that you have no idea what could be an issue? We will show you how to do a website bug testing to identify what exactly is posing a problem. End of talking. Let’s take care of fixing your page!