Help the case: best practices for user-friendly design

Tomasz Ludward 08.05.2018 0 Read more


UX stands for user experience, and its guiding principle is usability – the art of creating pages as easy to use as possible. We love the title of one of the most popular books about UX – Do not make me think – which summarizes what a user experience is. Spot-on, right? Under this category of our blog, you can dive into UX design articles to learn the most important UX design tips. Thanks to this, you will be able to diagnose the UX status of your site, plan the appropriate optimization activities, and finally – put the chosen UX rules into practice. The effect may surprise you as user-friendly pages are loved by Internet users who can explore them smoothly without getting irritated by not an intuitive menu, dead-ends, slow page loading, and the like. So, at the end of the day, by bringing UX tips to life, you can expect your page perform better and, for example, you will note the increase in conversion rate.