How to deal with WordPress management when a crisis hits your client’s page? [part 2/2]

Grzegorz Rogoziński 20.09.2018 0 Read more


WordPress is what we do. And as it is our jam, we will eagerly introduce you to the best WordPress tips we know and use in our everyday work. This category will be helpful not only for those who are planning to set up a WordPress blog, but also for entrepreneurs who want to set up a company website or e-commerce store. We will show you how to create the page on WordPress yourself, what to do in case of WordPress problems appearing during the installation, and finally – how to add to your page functionalities you need. We hope to convince you that building a beautiful page on WordPress is not a domain of computer geeks anymore. Have you already created your WordPress page? Check out what kind of WordPress errors or WordPress bugs you may come across in the life cycle of your page, and learn how to debug your page so that it can come back to life again. Finally, get inspired by our ideas on making your website shine!